Monday, November 25, 2013

Two Trades Away

The Colorado Avalanche are simply two moves away from being a serious stanley cup contender this season. With new coach Patrick Roy in charge this team is playing far better then it has for the last three seasons. They have finally started to play a style that fits the players on the team.

With the defence playing much better then last season I think there still needs to be one more addition. They need to add one more d man. Someone like Gardiner from toronto who they are rumored to be interested in. If they add one more top 4 Defenceman to their line up they will be set on that side of things.

Another peice that I think they need to go after this season especially if they are in one of the top 3 spots by the trade deadline is winger Martin St Louis from the Tampa bay Lightning. Just think about it for a minuet or two, Matt duchene or Nathan MacKinnon on a line with him?  Those two are all ready giving defencemen fits with their speed and skill this season, but add him to the mix and it would be deadly.

Players in the minors such as Duncan Seimans I could see being moved in order to make these deals happen. Roy seems to like Bigrah a bit more then Duncan, so I think that could be done. I could also see someone like hishon being moved (if he can stay healthy ever.)

We will see how serious they are about winning now, but i think they could get both of these players without giving up too much if anything from their current NHL roster. What do you guys think?

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