Thursday, November 21, 2013

Avalanche Escape Thanks to Varly

Well, Some how, Some way, the Colorado Avalanche came away with two points in Glendale. The only reason they were still in the game at the end was Semyon Varlamov. You take him out of this game, and there's no way they win. Varly finished the game tonight with 42 saves on 44 shots. That is simply NOT going to get it done. You can not play like that and expect to win any games, especially not against the top teams that are coming up in the schedule.

That being said... they still found a way to get the win, and that is impressive. sadly they gave away a point to the Pheonix Cyotes tonight. P.A.'s set up for O'reillys goal was a thing of beauty. He cut across and showed like he was going to take a shot from the left circle, and then slotted it perfectly right to Ryan O'Rielly. When O'Rielly got the pass he wound up to fake the goalie then took a quick snap shot to beat him and put the game away. Not their best performance by far... but a win is a win.

Lets hope the Avs learn from to nights game, and are ready to play come puck drop against the Kings on Saturday.

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