Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Avs can't make history tonight

Avs lose 6-4 with nashville getting a late empty net goal. The defensive turn overs were terrible tonight. I am not sure what was going on but this Avalanche D zone coverage looked like last seasons team again. Lets hope that Roy lets them have it, and they come out fired up for the next game friday night against the Flames. As bad of a game as the team had in their own end tonight Matt Duchene was the bright spot, he had a huge game with 2 assists and a beautiful goal where he broke through the Nashville defence and scored on a great strong move to finish off the partial break away. If the Avs were to have won tonight they would have been only the second team in NHL history to win 13 of their first 14 games to start the season. Lets hope for a bounce back game against the Flames! lets go avs!


  1. I know Roy will give them hell after that performance. I was listening on the radio while working, so I am not too sure what exactly the issue was on the D side, but there is no reason Varlamov should have given up that many goals! Hopefully this whole arrest thing isn't screwing with his head! Anyways, hopefully the fix is relatively manageable. Also, go fuck up the Flames, Avs!

    1. Yeah, i took a lot of notes I am going to post some more detailed explanations of stuff, basically they were turning over the puck a lot on their end of the ice again. Varly shouldn't have given up a couple of them but most of the chances were from poor play in our own end.