Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Makinnon playing with passion

Well the avalanche can't quite pull off the comeback tonight. The Avalanche started off slow, and sloppy in the first period, and a couple young player mistakes showed through on the two goals the avalanche let in. What was nice to see though was the resolve of young Center Nathan Makinnon. He looked like he was on a mission tonight. Coach Roy saw that and moved him up to the second line in the second period, and they continued to generate chance after chance. Makinnon finished the game with an assist on the loan avalanche goal. By the end of the second period he all ready had 7 shots on goal, and he finished with I believe the number was 11 shots by the end of the game. (correct me if im wrong ill have to check the stats and ill edit this if need be). You can't win them all, but I think that if the Avalanche started the game how they finished it they would have won this one convincingly. Next up Thursday night. Lets go avs!

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