Thursday, November 7, 2013

6 wins to every 1 loss, not bad

The Colorado Avalanche picked up just its second loss in the 2013-2014 season on Wednesday night. With 10:25 left in the first period Talbot let a pass through to Spalding who caught a sprawling varly, and just banked it off the far post. I am sure that he would score on that same chance eight out of ten times he gets it. The Avs were lucky on that one. With 6:44 left on the clock Ryan Wilson seemed to go down at a bit of an awkward angle behind the net, and left the Nashville player open behind the net. he quickly set up Viktor Stalberg for a one timer that beat varly. Valry looked very shaky on that play and did not seem to be very confident in his possitioning or his lateral movement. I am not sure if everything with his legal situation is getting to him, but we need him to keep his head in the game when he is on the ice. His team and ownership have the faith and trust in him and he needs to continue to give them reason to have that. This season Matt Duchene is impressing me. Obviously he is impressing alot of people, but I am not just talking about his offence. with 4:40 left in the first period Duchene had a great d zone interception and finished it off with an absolutely brilliant move and pass to P.A. Parentue for the avs first goal of the game.  Later in the game Duchene made another great d zone play and finished it off with a goal after splitting the two Nashville d men. I am not sure when Ryan Wilsons back injury occured, but he was playing a bit softer then I am used to. with 53 seconds left in the period he was a bit too soft in front of the net and Stalberg got his second goal of the night with a quick one timer. All reports I have seen seem to say that Wilson wont play in fridays game. I hope that its not a serious injury Wilson is a great player when healthy, and this team can really use him back there. Luckily for the avalanche in the second a huge rebound that varly gave up was picked up by P.A. who passed it back to a perfectly set up Ryan O'rielly for a goal. Most of the Avalanche scoring this season seems to come from setting up down low and moving the puck in the offensive zone. But in last nights game they could not seem to get that going to well. Most of their goals came off the rush instead. its nice to see that they can score both ways, but it was a little concerning to not see them able to get their in zone cycling and movement going as they normally do this season. Sadly late in the third a pass by P.A. to O'reilly was picked off and turned into the game winner for Collin Wilson. I have been pretty impressed this season overall with Guenin as well.  In 14 games he is a plus 5 with 2 points. This is coming from a guy who at the start of training camp no one even gave a shot to make the line up let alone become a regular in the rotation. He is played regularly on the PK, and even strength situations. Here is hoping that the Avs can pick it up and continue this trend they have set so far this year. 6 wins, 1 loss, 6 wins, another loss. Hey.. I would love to see them win every game this season.. but you cant really complain about a 6 win to 1 loss ratio either. lets keep that going, and remember Avs fans.. Why not us??

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