Sunday, November 17, 2013

Another loss, but some positives

I am a bit disappointed with not necessarily that they lost a few in a row, but that I don't feel like a lot of the players are giving the same effort that they did in the first 12 or so games of the season. I am not sure if some people are feeling like they are going to just roll through the season without continuing to work really hard or what, but it shows in their sloppy play in their own end, the lazy passes that are picked off, and  the lack of pressure generated in the offensive zone.  That being said I am very impressed with the just puck hounding abilities that Mackinnon is showing lately. I am not sure if it has to do with getting more ice time or confidence, but i feel its a bit of a combination of both. When he gets into the offensive zone he just does not give up and does not stop. When coach Roy put Mackinnon and Duchene together on one line it was very obvious that the defense had no idea how to slow those two down. I think that they are going to be prepared and ready to come out against the Stanley cup champion black hawks in their next game. What do you guys think the score is going to be? ill go out and predict a 3-1 Avalanche win!

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