Friday, November 1, 2013

Final 3-2 Avs win in OT

I think that the biggest thing I noticed tonight was that Stastny is working hard. I think in the past he has kind of just went through the motions as a lot of the avs players seem to have done with the coaching regimes of the past. Not just the goals, but that line is really starting to click the last few games. The winning shot by Stastny was a beauty.  On other note did avalanche management know something before they traded Downie away? was he a ticking time bomb waiting to go off? well it appears that he went off in his first game with the Flyers. I still need to go back and watch the game, but from the short clips i saw Downie got mad and then got pounded. Last update i had he was taken to the hospitol on a stretcher with a concussion from the fight. Hope that he gets well soon, but personally I am glad that this explosion and mess didn't come down with the Avalanche.  Seems to be like mckinnon is getting a bit frustrated, but he picked up another point tonight. Hopefully mcginn will get back soon and be able to play. I dont really see him clicking too well chemestry wise with mitchel yet. Will post more updates later on, still calming down after the great game! Avs 11-1! Next game tomorrow night at pepsi!

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