Thursday, November 14, 2013

are the blues the new wings?

So this game was pretty tough to watch after the first period. Mackinons goal on the power play in the first period was a great thing to see. he spun around on the half boards moved around a guy passed it with stastny back when he wasn't in the right place to shoot, and then got back open and ready to shoot before he even got the puck back. He seems to be getting some confidence, and hes starting to make some plays that he wasn't attempting in the beginning of the season. that is great to see.  I am not sure if the avalanche goals were just off tonight, or if the team was tierd from the traveling or what, but they were not the same team that they have been all season to this point. There was a pretty ridiculous call giving bordluea a 10 min misconduct for simply looking scary. i mean come on. after chris stewert fought someone who doesn't really ever fight in sarich  he threw his hands into the air and was taunting the avalanche. Every time after that especially in the third when someone tried to get in a fight with stewert the refs broke it up and twice gave bordelea 10 minuet misconduct penaltys for trying to fight stewert. then wouldn't let mcleod fight him either. If hes going to make a show like that fine that's his choice, but the refs cant keep the other team from getting mad and wanting to take it up with him later. In my honest opinion holden has to GO. the last three games he has made mistakes that cost the avalanche goals. He may have a decent shot from what i hear from the avalanche reports, but he still has to learn how to play in his own end or we are not going to win a lot of games. I feel like with the new divisions that this avalanche and blues could turn into a real nasty rivalry. If tonights game was any indication the games could get pretty physical, and both teams have a lot of young talent. four times a season they meet, and then in play offs there is also a possibility. what do you guys think? will this turn into a big time rivalry?

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