Monday, November 25, 2013

Two Trades Away

The Colorado Avalanche are simply two moves away from being a serious stanley cup contender this season. With new coach Patrick Roy in charge this team is playing far better then it has for the last three seasons. They have finally started to play a style that fits the players on the team.

With the defence playing much better then last season I think there still needs to be one more addition. They need to add one more d man. Someone like Gardiner from toronto who they are rumored to be interested in. If they add one more top 4 Defenceman to their line up they will be set on that side of things.

Another peice that I think they need to go after this season especially if they are in one of the top 3 spots by the trade deadline is winger Martin St Louis from the Tampa bay Lightning. Just think about it for a minuet or two, Matt duchene or Nathan MacKinnon on a line with him?  Those two are all ready giving defencemen fits with their speed and skill this season, but add him to the mix and it would be deadly.

Players in the minors such as Duncan Seimans I could see being moved in order to make these deals happen. Roy seems to like Bigrah a bit more then Duncan, so I think that could be done. I could also see someone like hishon being moved (if he can stay healthy ever.)

We will see how serious they are about winning now, but i think they could get both of these players without giving up too much if anything from their current NHL roster. What do you guys think?

Friday, November 22, 2013

Varlamov could face up to 2 years in jail if convicted

Avalanche goalie Semyon Varlamov on Friday was formally charged by Denver District AttorneyMitch Morrissey with one count of third-degree assault, a misdemeanor, in connection with an alleged domestic violence incident Oct. 30.

If convicted, Varlamov could face up to two years in county jail.

You can find the rest of the article here...

Avalanche also in on Gardiner...and Avs talking to Ottawa..

This according to what do you guys think? what would we have to give up for him? im thinking it would be a package around seimens. any ideas?

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Avalanche Escape Thanks to Varly

Well, Some how, Some way, the Colorado Avalanche came away with two points in Glendale. The only reason they were still in the game at the end was Semyon Varlamov. You take him out of this game, and there's no way they win. Varly finished the game tonight with 42 saves on 44 shots. That is simply NOT going to get it done. You can not play like that and expect to win any games, especially not against the top teams that are coming up in the schedule.

That being said... they still found a way to get the win, and that is impressive. sadly they gave away a point to the Pheonix Cyotes tonight. P.A.'s set up for O'reillys goal was a thing of beauty. He cut across and showed like he was going to take a shot from the left circle, and then slotted it perfectly right to Ryan O'Rielly. When O'Rielly got the pass he wound up to fake the goalie then took a quick snap shot to beat him and put the game away. Not their best performance by far... but a win is a win.

Lets hope the Avs learn from to nights game, and are ready to play come puck drop against the Kings on Saturday.

Matt Duchene Highlight Video I made

here is a Matt Duchene Video I made for my class project.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The New Catalyst

Having been a lifetime Avalanche fan, I see this season as one I’ve never seen before in the history I’ve seen hockey. Let’s face the facts- the team is very much the same over the last few unsuccessful seasons, the Avalanche were seen to be a failure with the strength of the schedule, and the team has some of the youngest players in NHL history. So what’s different?

The answer- Saint Patrick Roy.

 I was at the Chicago Blackhawks game (It very well should have been a home game for the Hawks in the Sea of Red), and noticed one thing: Patrick Roy was having fun. One thing I learned from years of playing and coaching sports, if the Coach is having fun, the team has fun. In an off play, that was probably not caught on camera, Patrick Roy picked up a puck from Tyson Barrie that hit the bench to cause an off play. He turned around, and with a smile flopped the puck to the fans. Yes, the same Patrick Roy who has the devilish look in his eyes, smiled and gave a puck to a fan.

What does this mean? It’s simple. The management from Roy to Joe Sakic, are having fun. It’s a simple mantra and the first thing every athlete learns from their parents, it doesn’t matter what the score is, just have fun. The Avalanche got whipped the past few days, but held their ground and had fun at the Pepsi Center, Tuesday Night.

With our new catalyst in place, fans finally have what they want. Yet, it’s still so quiet in the Can. Last night you only heard Avs fans cheer when we scored (okay so that was a lot) or when the Hawks fans joined in mantra “Let’s Go Hawks!”. We have the pieces in place. We need to be the one extra player on the ice and give our boys a boost. We have ice girls now for Heaven’s Sake. Kroenke is doing what he can to deliver, it’s time we appreciate. So next time you’re at a game, be loud and proud and start yelling, “Let’s Go Avs!”.

This is a special season, and we all need to be apart of it from beginning to end.

This Post was submitted by Chris Weaver, if you want to know more about him check him out here

Matt Duchene goal video coming!

Hey, just wanted to post a quick update to let you know that I have a class project due on Monday and I am going to be putting together a video of Matt Duchene goals. Be on the look out for it around Monday, or maybe a little earlier if i finish sooner. Some of these older goals I almost forgot about, he sure has a good shot, and speed!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Avalanche Bounce Back!

The Colorado Avalanche bounced back big time from the start of this game they looked to be coming out with more energy and determination to score. Even without top scorer Matt Duchene for tonight's game the Avalanche put up 5 goals on the Champion Black Hawks before they got their 1 goal of the night. Varlamov was stellar in net tonight making 37 saves on 38 shots. From what I saw in the game MacKinnon looked like he was not phased moving to the top line, he had a couple really close chances in the 1st period, and ended with a very solid game. Barrie, where oh where have you been this season?? He made his presence felt picking up 2 big assists, and continuously putting the puck on the net. I LOVED seeing him take those one time slap shots on the power play tonight, that is something that I think this team needs some more of. Great game, lots of energy, lets keep it up! Next game will be a tough one against the Phoenix Coyotes!

Edit: this is a cool picture someone said I could post here

Defending Champs come to town

The Colorado Avalanche Hockey team faces a tough test tonight. Not only do the defending champs come to town, but Sarich, and the teams top scorer in Matt Duchcne will be out. This will give young rookie center Nathan Mackinnon a shot at centering the top line tonight. That should be interesting, so far in my opinion he has only played better with more ice time.  He seems to be finding his confidence at the NHL level. The Avs look to try and end their first loosing streak of the season tonight, but it won't be easy. The Chicago Blackhawks got blown out in their last game and will come out looking to get up on the struggling Avalanche early. If the avs are going to have a shot in this game they are going to need to come out hungry, fast, and get the first goal of the game to build off of.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Duchene out, Malone called up

With Matt Duchene getting hurt in the last game (should only be a week or so that he is out) Brad Malone was called up today. Yesterday Wilson was placed on the injury reserve list, and Tyson Barrie was called back up. With these moves I would expect the line up to look something like this in the next game.

Landeskog, Stastny, MacKinnon
McGinn, O'Reilly, Parenteau
Talbot, Mitchell, Malone
McLeod, Cliche, Bordeleau

Johnson, Hejda
Sarich, Barrie
Guenin beniot (or holden/hunwick) depends on of benoit is back or not

Since they have called Barrie back up I sure hope that they are going to give him a chance to play. Roy said when they sent him down that he needed to have playing time, and not just be sitting on the bench. I hope that he still thinks that this is true and gives barrie another shot.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Another loss, but some positives

I am a bit disappointed with not necessarily that they lost a few in a row, but that I don't feel like a lot of the players are giving the same effort that they did in the first 12 or so games of the season. I am not sure if some people are feeling like they are going to just roll through the season without continuing to work really hard or what, but it shows in their sloppy play in their own end, the lazy passes that are picked off, and  the lack of pressure generated in the offensive zone.  That being said I am very impressed with the just puck hounding abilities that Mackinnon is showing lately. I am not sure if it has to do with getting more ice time or confidence, but i feel its a bit of a combination of both. When he gets into the offensive zone he just does not give up and does not stop. When coach Roy put Mackinnon and Duchene together on one line it was very obvious that the defense had no idea how to slow those two down. I think that they are going to be prepared and ready to come out against the Stanley cup champion black hawks in their next game. What do you guys think the score is going to be? ill go out and predict a 3-1 Avalanche win!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Just a quick post

Roy mentioned today that Mackinnon might be played with duchene at some point tonight. Just wanted to let everyone have a heads up to watch for that. I for one don't know that I could think of a faster two guys on the same line then those two would be in the entire NHL

NHL 14 game review

not specifically avalanche related, though i DO play with the Colorado Avalanche almost every time i play this game. :p Take a look if you would like its a review i wrote up for my other blog that does game reviews, lets plays, etc.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Movember Contest Entry!

Here is my entry for the NHL 14 contest going on right now, i picked Matt Duchcne. what do you guys think?  The Name across it Ryan Crappa is not on the officially submitted version. it will be up on the facebook page for nhl 14 shortly, click that and go vote for it if you like it thanks! 

Thursday, November 14, 2013

are the blues the new wings?

So this game was pretty tough to watch after the first period. Mackinons goal on the power play in the first period was a great thing to see. he spun around on the half boards moved around a guy passed it with stastny back when he wasn't in the right place to shoot, and then got back open and ready to shoot before he even got the puck back. He seems to be getting some confidence, and hes starting to make some plays that he wasn't attempting in the beginning of the season. that is great to see.  I am not sure if the avalanche goals were just off tonight, or if the team was tierd from the traveling or what, but they were not the same team that they have been all season to this point. There was a pretty ridiculous call giving bordluea a 10 min misconduct for simply looking scary. i mean come on. after chris stewert fought someone who doesn't really ever fight in sarich  he threw his hands into the air and was taunting the avalanche. Every time after that especially in the third when someone tried to get in a fight with stewert the refs broke it up and twice gave bordelea 10 minuet misconduct penaltys for trying to fight stewert. then wouldn't let mcleod fight him either. If hes going to make a show like that fine that's his choice, but the refs cant keep the other team from getting mad and wanting to take it up with him later. In my honest opinion holden has to GO. the last three games he has made mistakes that cost the avalanche goals. He may have a decent shot from what i hear from the avalanche reports, but he still has to learn how to play in his own end or we are not going to win a lot of games. I feel like with the new divisions that this avalanche and blues could turn into a real nasty rivalry. If tonights game was any indication the games could get pretty physical, and both teams have a lot of young talent. four times a season they meet, and then in play offs there is also a possibility. what do you guys think? will this turn into a big time rivalry?

Coach Roy shakes up lines



Gigu​ere in net. 

While i fully agree that Mackinnon should be getting a lot more ice time with players that are a little more offensive minded I don't think that he is very comfortable on the wing. I wish that there was some way to work him in some more minuets with better players and still keeping him at the Center position. What do you guys think? good or bad idea to put MacKinnon back up on the top line RW position?

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Makinnon playing with passion

Well the avalanche can't quite pull off the comeback tonight. The Avalanche started off slow, and sloppy in the first period, and a couple young player mistakes showed through on the two goals the avalanche let in. What was nice to see though was the resolve of young Center Nathan Makinnon. He looked like he was on a mission tonight. Coach Roy saw that and moved him up to the second line in the second period, and they continued to generate chance after chance. Makinnon finished the game with an assist on the loan avalanche goal. By the end of the second period he all ready had 7 shots on goal, and he finished with I believe the number was 11 shots by the end of the game. (correct me if im wrong ill have to check the stats and ill edit this if need be). You can't win them all, but I think that if the Avalanche started the game how they finished it they would have won this one convincingly. Next up Thursday night. Lets go avs!

Marty st louis a future avalanche?

I have nothing to go on here other then the fact tampa bay has been scouting the recent ava games, but could you imagine the kind of speed that could be added to this all ready lightning quick line up?  What do you guys think is it possible? If the avs are still a top 3 team by the trade deadline i would not be surprised to see barrie seimens or another prospect packaged for a legit sniper like st louis

Monday, November 11, 2013

Quick Announcement

I added a new page on the right bar where you can request photos of anything avalanche related to be made. I will be posting an example of what I mean, and I will get them made and posted for you ASAP.

Here is fairly simple
example. I made this one up
a few weeks back. I would like to go back and fix the words to show the current line ups etc. but this is just to get an idea of what i could do for you.

14-2! Best Start in Franchise History!

Erik Johnson

So just a quick post before class starts. What do you guys think is the single biggest reason that Johnson has been able to turn it around so much this season? He is at plus 10 now, and playing with so much more confidence. I do not think that I have ever watched him play a better 2 or 3 game set as the last 2-3 games for the Avalanche. Just wanted to get some of your thoughts about what has made the difference for him this season, and do you think he will finally start to live up to that potential as the #1 overall pick that he was?

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Sorry I've been sick

Sorry I didn't post a couple days ago I've been sick what do you guys think is the main key to the avs sustained success this season ?

Thursday, November 7, 2013

6 wins to every 1 loss, not bad

The Colorado Avalanche picked up just its second loss in the 2013-2014 season on Wednesday night. With 10:25 left in the first period Talbot let a pass through to Spalding who caught a sprawling varly, and just banked it off the far post. I am sure that he would score on that same chance eight out of ten times he gets it. The Avs were lucky on that one. With 6:44 left on the clock Ryan Wilson seemed to go down at a bit of an awkward angle behind the net, and left the Nashville player open behind the net. he quickly set up Viktor Stalberg for a one timer that beat varly. Valry looked very shaky on that play and did not seem to be very confident in his possitioning or his lateral movement. I am not sure if everything with his legal situation is getting to him, but we need him to keep his head in the game when he is on the ice. His team and ownership have the faith and trust in him and he needs to continue to give them reason to have that. This season Matt Duchene is impressing me. Obviously he is impressing alot of people, but I am not just talking about his offence. with 4:40 left in the first period Duchene had a great d zone interception and finished it off with an absolutely brilliant move and pass to P.A. Parentue for the avs first goal of the game.  Later in the game Duchene made another great d zone play and finished it off with a goal after splitting the two Nashville d men. I am not sure when Ryan Wilsons back injury occured, but he was playing a bit softer then I am used to. with 53 seconds left in the period he was a bit too soft in front of the net and Stalberg got his second goal of the night with a quick one timer. All reports I have seen seem to say that Wilson wont play in fridays game. I hope that its not a serious injury Wilson is a great player when healthy, and this team can really use him back there. Luckily for the avalanche in the second a huge rebound that varly gave up was picked up by P.A. who passed it back to a perfectly set up Ryan O'rielly for a goal. Most of the Avalanche scoring this season seems to come from setting up down low and moving the puck in the offensive zone. But in last nights game they could not seem to get that going to well. Most of their goals came off the rush instead. its nice to see that they can score both ways, but it was a little concerning to not see them able to get their in zone cycling and movement going as they normally do this season. Sadly late in the third a pass by P.A. to O'reilly was picked off and turned into the game winner for Collin Wilson. I have been pretty impressed this season overall with Guenin as well.  In 14 games he is a plus 5 with 2 points. This is coming from a guy who at the start of training camp no one even gave a shot to make the line up let alone become a regular in the rotation. He is played regularly on the PK, and even strength situations. Here is hoping that the Avs can pick it up and continue this trend they have set so far this year. 6 wins, 1 loss, 6 wins, another loss. Hey.. I would love to see them win every game this season.. but you cant really complain about a 6 win to 1 loss ratio either. lets keep that going, and remember Avs fans.. Why not us??

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Avs can't make history tonight

Avs lose 6-4 with nashville getting a late empty net goal. The defensive turn overs were terrible tonight. I am not sure what was going on but this Avalanche D zone coverage looked like last seasons team again. Lets hope that Roy lets them have it, and they come out fired up for the next game friday night against the Flames. As bad of a game as the team had in their own end tonight Matt Duchene was the bright spot, he had a huge game with 2 assists and a beautiful goal where he broke through the Nashville defence and scored on a great strong move to finish off the partial break away. If the Avs were to have won tonight they would have been only the second team in NHL history to win 13 of their first 14 games to start the season. Lets hope for a bounce back game against the Flames! lets go avs!

Mackinon gets a chance

With tanguy out Mackinnon is getting the start on the top line with landy and stastny will be interesting to see how he performs with more ice time and on the wing 

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

October Highlights 2013

Monday, November 4, 2013

Number 1 in the TSN NHL power rankings!

here is the article

Why not us?

The motto for this season has sure caught on quickly

Adam Foote Tribute video

Tanguay will be out at least 2 weeks

Sounds promising, like maybe the knee is not torn according the Adrian dater of the Denver post.
The Avalanche have sent down Tyson Barrie to the minors and recalled Matt hunwick.  Roy says that Barrie needs to play, and with the big club he isn't getting that opportunity right now.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

New Hybrid Icing, thoughts?

so it has been 13 games for the Avalanche, and I am still not sure how i feel about this new "hybrid" icing. I can see both sides to the argument for and against it. For it there are alot less chances of injury when someone is flying into the end boards trying to touch the puck and negate the icing. On the cons side sometimes it can make the game feel a bit more choppy, and it puts the call into the judgement of the refs. something that can be very much not agreed with by some players or fans. How do you guys feel about this new icing rule? is it a good idea? is it a bad idea? have you not really noticed much change?

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Avs get their 2nd 6 game win streak of the young season

10 out of the 13 games they have played this season the Colorado Avalanche have scored the first goal of the game. Of those 10 times they scored first they have won every game. It started off with a great cerimony honoring Adam foote, and raising his banner to the rafters.

Great to see that collection of names and #s retierd by the Avalanche.  The game started off very physical part way through the first period there were 2 fights. Seems that the team was fired up seeing all those old highlights of foote pushing a guy over.  Landeskog has been impressive of late. He has scored 5 goals in his last 7 games he has played. He seems to be having really good luck taking a big slap shot coming down the side boards, and tricking or fooling or just plain over powering the goalie. Hope he can keep that up. Tanguay went down with an apparent knee injury part way through the 2nd period and did not return. After the injury coach Patrick Roy moved Macckinon up to line 2 with landeskog and stastny, and there playing Right wing he scored the 1st game winning goal of his NHL career. It was a great back hander off a rebound. Hopefully Tanguay is all right, I will post more updates on his health as i hear them reported. On the bright side injury wise Mcgine should be back as soon as the next game on wednessday night. Jiggy is now 4-0 for the first time ever. he has only allowed 3 total goals all year against him now. Great start for the former Stanly Cup champion.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Final 3-2 Avs win in OT

I think that the biggest thing I noticed tonight was that Stastny is working hard. I think in the past he has kind of just went through the motions as a lot of the avs players seem to have done with the coaching regimes of the past. Not just the goals, but that line is really starting to click the last few games. The winning shot by Stastny was a beauty.  On other note did avalanche management know something before they traded Downie away? was he a ticking time bomb waiting to go off? well it appears that he went off in his first game with the Flyers. I still need to go back and watch the game, but from the short clips i saw Downie got mad and then got pounded. Last update i had he was taken to the hospitol on a stretcher with a concussion from the fight. Hope that he gets well soon, but personally I am glad that this explosion and mess didn't come down with the Avalanche.  Seems to be like mckinnon is getting a bit frustrated, but he picked up another point tonight. Hopefully mcginn will get back soon and be able to play. I dont really see him clicking too well chemestry wise with mitchel yet. Will post more updates later on, still calming down after the great game! Avs 11-1! Next game tomorrow night at pepsi!


Score predictions for tonights game?

Varly will start in goal tonight

Despite all the off the ice events that have transpired this week the Colorado Avalanche have announced that Varly will be in the net to start tonight when the Avalanche travel to Dallas for their second meeting of the season with the Dallas Stars. It will also be the first chance to see Maxime Talbot in an Avs sweater. Should make it an interesting game tonight.