Thursday, March 6, 2014

Record set, and the deadline has passed

When the Colorado Avalanche National Hockey League team took the ice on Thursday night they had a chance to do something that no Avalanche or Nordique team had ever accomplished. If they won the game they would get to 40 wins in just 62 games. Not only did they accomplish this feat in Chicago against the defending Stanley Cup champion, but they did it in regulation.

What can not be lost in all of this excitement with the win is that Calder front runner Nathan Mackinnon got another point in the game witch tied him with non other then the great one, Wayne Gretzky for longest consecutive scoring streak as an 18 year old rookie.  With all the hype that he had coming out of the draft first overall, he is sure showing that there was legitimate reason for that hype.

The Colorado Avalanche now currently sit in 4th place in the NHL's Western conference with a real shot at continuing to climb before the end of the season. The team that finished 29th in the NHL last season could potentially finish up at 1st place in arguably the NHL's toughest division.

Yesterday was the trade deadline, and the Avalanche made one small move, that to be honest when i first saw it I was not happy at all. They gave up a 2nd round draft pick for 27 year old goalie Reto Berra of the Calgary Flames.  My displeasure with the move stemmed from the fact that he is a 27 year old goalie, with really uninspiring numbers this season. almost 3.00 GAA, and a sub .900 save percentage.

I only started to change my mind after reading that this was the top of the list of goalies that legendary goaltender coach Francous Allaire wanted. If he thinks this kid is the best out there, and that he can turn him into something special I have trust in that. Also if you look at some of his hilights this season some are very impressive. Still hoping that the 2nd rounder was not too much to pay for him.

The team will keep all 3 goalies with the team through the end of the season. With Jiggys frequent back injurys the team felt like they needed a little insurance in case Varlamov went down.

here are some notable saves this season by Berra.

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