Thursday, March 6, 2014

Mr. Gretzky holds one less record

Thanks to a great coaching call by Patrick Roy, Nathan Mackinnon was given one last chance to break Wayne Gretzky's record for consecutive games with a point by an 18 year old rookie. To this point in the season Roy had decided not to play Mackinnon in over time at all. Yet, for some reason he felt like with about a minuet left until the game would go to a shoot out that it was the right time to throw his prized rookie out there into the over time spotlight.

What happened next was a played by Erik Johnson that kept the play alive in the offensive zone by jumping up into the play. He got the puck down to Mackinnon behind the net, and the kid took care of the rest. He picked up the puck, looked over where his teammates were and fired a pass right to the stick of crashing Benoit who finished off the play with 30 seconds left in overtime.

Is this just the first of many records for Mackinnon to break, or is this just luck? Personally I think that this is just the start of the career for a very special player. Very excited to see what the rest of the season and play offs will hold for this team. They are building something special in Colorado.

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