Sunday, February 23, 2014

Trade Freeze Lifting at 12:00AM

So Tonight at Midnight (EST? i belive?) the National Hockey League lifts its Olympic trade freeze.
Before the news broke of Tanguays recent surgery there were abundant rumors about who the Colorado Avalanche may be interested in moving. Now the Avalanche face a tough decision. Do they hold onto all their players and hope to gather some improvements on the defensive side of things (their biggest glaring weakness currently) or do they make a move before the deadline to land a young d man that they belive they can build around with their young core for the years to come.

Personally I don't expect too much to happen before the deadline, but that being said we do have to remember this is Patrick Roy here. If he feels like he can improve his team now and in the future I am sure that he will be pushing Sakic to make it happen.

What I could see happening is the Avalanche picking up a vetran forward, ( I would love to see someone like Ott with the team, but i feel they are asking way to much for him ) and possibly a more shut down defenceman to try and help stabilize them a little bit more if it doesnt cost them too much to pull off. If teams are asking too much in return I dont see the avalanche doing much.. but we shall see. Acording to there was a trade all ready completed that would be announced the minuet the freeze was lifted. I also saw another site that claimed the Avalanche and New York Rangers had also made a trade that was done awaiting the freeze to lift. (Ryan Mcdougna??? no idea, but i would love to see that guy in an Avalanche sweater)

Who do you think, if anyone will the avalanche target this season?  Leave your comments and thoughts here and we can talk about it!

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