Thursday, February 27, 2014

Somebody that we used to know..

Ryan Wilson: Now your just somebody that we used to know
When Ryan Wilson first broke into the line up with the avalanche a few years back I was thrilled. He was a young very physical, hard hitting D man that this team severely needed.

Fast forward a few seasons and you have Ryan Wilson today. He is still young, and has potential, but something is wrong with him. I do not know if the various injures that have kept him out of the majority of each season he has played are getting to him, or if he just doesn't have his head in it anymore, but something is off.

Last night 3 of the 4 goals scored on the Avalanche were on Wilson.

The 2nd goal that the LA Kings scored went right through Wilson and he didn't even hardly attempt to stop it. The 3rd or 4th goal he let Kopitar push him back and then he just sat there and watched Kopitar pop in a nice deflection for the goal. That is not the Ryan Wilson we used to know. He didn't even attempt to push him out of the front of the goal mouth, he just was content letting Kopitar sit there.

Jiggy let in a softie on the first goal, and played slow and lacking confidence all night, but If Wilson played how he is capable a couple of those goals don't happen, and the Avalanche come out last night with the win.

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