Thursday, October 31, 2013

Thoughts on the trade

So I am still pretty torn on the trade at this point after having a couple hours to think about it. I honestly can see both sides as to why this deal was done. This is the quote by Joe Sakic as to why it was done.

 "“Maxime is a veteran forward who has won a Stanley Cup and has a lot of NHL experience,” said Avalanche Executive Vice President of Hockey Operations Joe Sakic. “We’re looking forward to him bringing that experience to our club."

 On one hand you have a 10 and 1 hockey club with downie playing on the top line of that until the last game. he has scored a goal and has 6 assists. that alone makes you wonder why exactly they are doing this now.  But If the avs are seriously thinking they are going to make a solid play off run, (and at this point and their record who can blame them if they are?) then you can start to understand why they might want another vetran player who has been there before. Especially since he was there a few years back with fairly young pitsburg penguins team.  In the deal the avs save a little bit of money on the contract, and get back someone who has some experience. The other reason i can see that maybe had some influence on this move is the list of top 10 dirtiest players in the NHL that was released last week, Downie featured fairly high on that list. so maybe the avs are trying to get away from that thought of them being dirty. I am not sure why it went down, but i will have faith in Sakic and Roy and see how talbot looks tomorrow. What are your thoughts on the deal?

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